Teacher's Lounge is the first music video used in the episode "Cardboard Robot vs. Tinfoil Lizard. The song was performed by Jeremy Shada and E-40. The song is also available on iTunes on the show's second album.


[Petey]: "Yo, listen Jack, Petey's back, time to get my mac on. I got details about where the teachers get they're snack on! Coffee maker, Salt shakers, Containers, and Cereal! Lemon squares, Coffee Chairs, Light Reading Materials~.

[Nick Cannon/Shameik]: Um, The teacher's Lounge sounds kinda of lame...

[Petey]: Yo, E-40! [E-40]: Ew!

[Petey]: Yo Read this, Cause there's more!  Because behind the soda machine, there's a secret door. This lounge is like a club, Mixed with a circus, With a Party and a Carnival, Clunivalpartircus! Walk Inside, The  Music Is thumping, Theres a mini trampoline, And the principle's krumping?! just this morning Mr. Jones graded my test, now he's got a bubble machine taped to his chest! Video games that you never seen, these come out in 2015! Swaggin forever I ain't never going home! Yo why ya'll stop dancing?!" [Principal]: "Cause here come the foam!"

[Petey/Nick Cannon]: "It's going down, its going down, its going down in the teacher's lounge." "It's going down, how down?, ridiculously down, down in the teacher's lounge"

[E-40]: We're tryin' to function now, it's the teacher's lounge, Forty Fonzarelli, ew!