Solar system wolf is a sketch from the series Incredible Crew starring Chanelle Peloso as a 18 year old high school student named Dawn.

The sketch starts out in math class when Dawn is called out by her teacher for daydreaming upon which she yells out "SOLAR SYSTEM WOLF!", "I LOVE SOLAR SYSTEM WOLF!" and "SOLAR SYSTEM WOLF, YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!".

Later on, in band, Dawn is singled out for missing her part while daydreaming about solar system wolf again and says "SOLAR SYSTEM WOLF IS MY FRIEND!". Her teacher tells her to focus on playing her trumpet, the solar system wolf Dawn thinks of swallows the trumpet and howls music and she explains that solar system wolf can howl music and eats everything she thinks of.

Then, her band teacher (played by CK Louis?) tells her to tell the solar system wolf to stop, to which she replies, "Talk to solar system wolf, OK, I'll try"

She looks up at the thought bubble in which the solar system wolf is portrayed through out the sketch and yells at the solar system wolf repeatedly with no response.

Dawn comes to the conclusion that the flying solar system wolf must also be daydreaming and wonders what about.

The solar system wolf has a thought bubble appear above his head and it shows another solar system wolf thinking of another solar system wolf thinking of another solar system wolf.

This cycle continues until Dawn yells out "INFINITY SOLAR SYSTEM WOLF!" Then she bursts out laughing.

Solar system wolf!

"Talk to solar system wolf?"

Incredible Crew Solar System Wolf - Sketch-0

Incredible Crew Solar System Wolf - Sketch-0