Magical Video Game Controller is the 4th episode of The Big Bang Theory


  • "Cosmos Megahead" — A floating blue head named Cosmos Megahead tries to get some teenagers to become superheroes, but they believe they'll turn into heads instead.
  • "Heavy Metal Science Fair" — A boy (Tristan) does a heavy metal music video about the science fair.
  • "Human Ice Cube Dispenser" — Shamiek gets some ice for his drink from Chanelle's mouth.
  • "Magical Video Game Controller" — A boy (Jeremy) buys a magical video game controller from a store owner that controls his sister (Shauna) to do almost anything.
  • "Hand Unsanitizer" — Jeremy applies a "Hand Unsanitizer", which covers the user's hands in grease.
  • "Complecatrix" — a commercial for a very complex board game named "Complecatrix".
  • "Gross Out Bake Sale" — Shauna and Chanelle perform a hidden prank by putting up a bake sale and sneezing all over the confectioneries.
  • "Detention Rhythm" — As students wait in detention, they start tapping their things in the desk rhythmically. However, Tristan interrupts with a loud horn.
  • "Horrible Surprise Party" — Tristan makes a surprise party for Shauna, but turns out into a dental appointment to fill in her cavities.
  • "Spitball Arms Deal" — Tony (Brandon), John (Tristan) and Quentin (Jeremy) are in an illegal trading scheme (dealing with a bag of cupcakes for a briefcase full of spitballs).
  • "Oven Mitt Present Wrap" — Shameik and Chanelle wrap a present while wearing oven mitts.
  • "Leftover Lizzy" — A commercial about a doll that can be customized from different leftovers.
  • "Literal Class Clown" — Brandon announces the class's clown, it ultimately goes to Freddie (Shameik), but leaving a real clown (Jeremy) desperate
  • "Think Fast Go Hurry Up, Okay?!" — A game show that is hosted a fast-talking girl (Shauna).
  • "Things That Only Happen When You're Really Tired" — A tired Brandon uses toothpaste for hand soap, while the hand soap is mistakenly used as toothpaste.
  • "Shorts and Spoons Warehouse" — Tristan promotes a warehouse named "Shorts and Spoons Warehouse" that sells shorts and spoons (but never pants and forks).