"Face Jeans" is the ninth episode in the first season of Incredible Crew, and the ninth overall. It gained 1.55 million viewers on its premiere.


Olaf: The Super-Sensitive Viking The sketch is introduced by saying that vikings ruled the land hundreds of years ago. A group of vikings including Norlocc (Brandon) and Olaf (Tristan) are planning for an attack in a forest. Olaf asks if any

Olaf super sensitive viking

Tristan as Olaf.

one will switch sides with him, since the fire they had made was making the left side of his 

face hot. The viking leader (Jeremy) tells Olaf to stay in his seat to stay where you are and be quiet. Olaf says that it was mean for the vikings to want the left side of his face to get hot, and he gets out of his seat and runs off screaming. He returns to ask his leader for a hug, who yells "NO!", so Olaf runs off screaming.

Tagline at the end of our story: This helmet is heavy!

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The vikings are campfiring. Olaf makes chocolate banana chip cookies for the others. The viking leader yells that the vikings don't have time for cookies. Olaf says that he used real goat butter, then runs off screaming again.

Tagline at the end of our story: I got a case of the Mondays!

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The vikings are getting ready to go into battle. One of the vikings takes a stone hammer, but Olaf says that he wants the "cool rock hammer". The other viking shouts back that the hammer is his, so Olaf screams back "Say it, don't spray it!", then he runs off screaming some more.

Tagline at the end of our story: My favorite pair of pants, shrunk in the wash!

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The viking leader is talking to his comrades about an upcoming battle, and he and two other vikings start cheering and slapping each other on the back, until Norlocc makes the mistake of slapping Olaf's back. Olaf taunts him, saying he's going to get in trouble, than tells the viking leader that Norlocc hit him. The viking leader shouts for Olaf to be quiet again, and Olaf tells Norlocc that "You're not my friend anymore, Norlocc!" Olaf runs off screaming one last time.

Tagline at the end of our story: I just need some me time!

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These four stories are in this episode.

  • These are four catchphrases that you've run away:

"Why would you want the side of my face to get all hot? That's so mean!"

"But I worked so hard on these cookies, I use real goat butter."

"Say it, don't spray it!"

"You're not my friend anymore, Norlocc!"