Doug High is a sketch in Incredible Crew that debuted in the episode "Farting Grandpa". It stars Jeremy Shada in a sci-fi TV show where he gets cloned and a high school is built as a result of a cloning machine malfunction
Doug high

Jeremy Shada portraying five different Dougs.

creating hundreds of Dougs.


A boy named Doug (Jeremy Shada) is cloned at a lab, but the cloning machine malfunctions and creates hundreds of Doug clones. The scientists didn't destroy the clones, "because that would be mean." So they built a high school for the Dougs, coincidentally called "Doug High". Everyone at school is named Doug, so when the teacher takes attendance all the students raise their hands. In the hallway, one Doug says hi to another Doug, but the wrong one answers. He tries again, but yet another Doug answers. He tries again, BUT YET ANOTHER DOUG ANSWERS!


  • In the "Think Fast Go Hurry Up Okay?!" sketch from "Magical Video Game Controller", one of the many categories listed was "Doug High". It is assumed the category would ask questions about the show.
  • Although they are clones some have glasses or other diffrences.

Theme Song

Teenage years are tough, but we're spending them together

Going to school, memories will last forever

Moments in time, the experience is in tide

At Doug Hiiiiigh (Doug Doug Doug Doug Doug) x4