Cheat Sheet Tacos is the 7th episode of Incredible Crew


  • "Mysterious" — A boy named Mason (Tristan) does things that are either annoying, dumb, or "mysterious".
  • "Davey and Cavey" — A boy named Davey (Jeremy) and and a caveman named Cavey (Tristan) create an instructional video on how to act appropriately.
  • "Questions Before Bed" — A music video detailing kids having questions before they go to sleep.
  • "What Santa is Doing Right Now" — A Christmas Elf (Jeremy) rocks out with Santa Claus
  • "Nacho Tortillahose" — a commercial plays for a product named "Nacho Tortillahose", nacho cheese that rapidly goes into your mouth.
  • "Things that Would Be Awesome" — Jeremy plants a plastic toy that grows into an tree full of random stuff.
  • "Passing Notes" — Shameik passes a note to Chanelle, which takes forever to get passed along.
  • "Screaming at Soup" — Brandon screams at a bowl of soup.
  • "Pier Fishing" — Brandon and Tristan do a hidden camera prank on people at the pier by eating a fish raw (with its innards made of oatmeal and red food coloring).
  • "Mop Robby" — Robby (Brandon) uses a mop version of himself in order to cut class, but his plan doesn't follow through when the mop starts to replace him.
  • "Literal B!" — Chanelle removes a "B" on Shameik's back
  • "Rockness Monster" — A story is told of a Loch Ness Monster who dreams of being a rock star
  • "Turkey Bowling" — Tristan and Shauna play bowling, with a turkey as a bowling ball and canned cranberries as pins.
  • "Cheat Sheet Tacos" — A commercial for a taco which serves as a cheat sheet is advertised called "Cheat Sheet Tacos".
  • "Fun With Names: Selena Gomez Edition" — An announcer makes fun at the name of Selena Gomez (Chanelle).
  • "Broken Toy Machine" — Two boys (Jeremy and Shameik) use a special machine where they can repair different toys.