Cardboard Robot vs. Tinfoil Lizard is the 12th episode of Incredible Crew


  • "Carter the Startler" — Carter (Shameik) startles Shauna with his air horn.. Then, Carter annoys Chanelle while trying to recycle something. Finally, Carter hacks into the computer Jeremy is on while he is trying to watch Muffin Jets.
  • "Teachers' Lounge" — Petey Johnson (Jeremy) raps along alongside E-40 about what goes on inside the teachers' lounge.
  • "I Have a Secret" — A sketch that depicts two secrets: Chanelle shares that her dog didn't eat her homework, she did. Brandon shares that he hasn't showered in two weeks.
  • "Zam:Who Farted App" — A commercial for an app called "Zam" plays, in which the app detects a person who farted, and a person who's about to fart.
  • "Cheering Up a Sad Lumberjack" — Brandon cheers up a lumberjack by commenting on his suspenders, in which he makes him dance with joy.
  • "Minnesota Rhodes" — A sketch parody of Indiana Jones that depicts young Minnesota Rhodes (Jeremy) helping Tristan in getting his MP3 player back from his brother.
  • "Dressed Alike" — Stacy and Ashley (Shauna and Chanelle) keep wearing the same outfits at school.
  • "Tired Grandpa" — In this hidden camera prank, Brandon plays the grandfather again (from "Farting Grandpa"). This time, he has a sleeping condition in which he sleeps on people.
  • "Giant Cardboard Robot vs. Giant Tinfoil Lizard" — A trailer plays for a movie, "Giant Cardboard Robot vs. Giant Tinfoil Lizard", that is poorly made and revolves around a robot made out of cardboard boxes and a monster made out of tin foil in a ferocious battle.
  • "Animal Cracker Nature Show" — Chanelle does a nature show involving animal crackers of a lion and a hippopotamus.
  • "Exploring Explorers of Exploration" — "Exploring Explorers of Exploration" involves legendary explorer Willem Custard (Jeremy) navigating through the bottom of a ball pit showing smiling rainbows, winged wings, hammerhead sharks, and macaroni and cheese. He later calls the Ball Pit Coast Guard to rescue a boy (Tristan) who was trapped in the ball pit for weeks.
  • "Breakfast Baseball" — Shameik and Brandon play baseball, using breakfast foods as baseballs
  • "I Like Stickers" — A young girl (Chanelle) is obsessed with stickers.
  • "Apple Chef" — Apple Chef (Jeremy) makes a pie, but is disgusted when the main ingredient of the pie is apples.
  • "Webberz" — Sarah (Shauna) creates a new Webberz bunny and names her "Pickles", but forgets to play with her, being late for ballet. Three days later, Pickles (Shameik) arrives claiming to be a "boy bunny" and goes into Sarah's house to stay in