The sketch opens with Chanelle putting on "lipstick".  Shauna walks in and says tha she is not old enough to wear lipstick and "mom is going to be so mad". Chanelle say for her to relax because it is candy lipstick like her candy necklace and candy nail polish.  Shauna says that with all these candy products, she is like a "real life adult" and Chanelle replies by saying she is not becuase no "real adult would leave the house wihtout wearing deodorant" and then prcocedes to explain to her that it is a new product called "Candy Deodorant" and they both start eating it, saying they love the flavors of white choclate and strawberry.  Tristan walks in and the girls tell him to leave because it is their Candy Deodorant.  He then says there is now "Candy Deodorant for dudes!" with flavors of Mint Mushroom and Pretzel Pizza.  THe mom walks in saying they aren't old enough to wear deodorant and they explain that it is "Candy Deodorant for girls and Edible Deodorant for Boys" the mom asks to try some and they reply with "Eat your own deodorant!" and they start to laugh as she slowly walks away.